‘Quit your way' Facebook support group

Supporting each other to quit smoking.

‘Quit your way’ Facebook support group

The ‘Quit your way’ Facebook support group, is a great place to hear from other people who are quitting smoking.

Join the group to see what information is being shared and to be part of the conversation.

Find out how others plan to stop the smokes, share what you are looking forward to about being smoke free and discuss what is worrying you about giving up cigarettes.

Comments from Facebook support group members:

“I am so grateful for this group. I feel more accountable by declaring it here and to my friends.”

“Really didn’t think I could of achieved this without the help of this amazing group.”

“It’s been the support from everyone in this group that has helped me stick with it.”

“Just want to say thank you to this wonderful group of people and ‘Quit your way’ for all the support.”

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